RobertoDillon Computer Engineer, Author & Professor



Originally from Genoa (Italy) but based in Singapore since 2005, Dr Roberto Dillon holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Genoa and a postgraduate level certificate in Cybersecurity from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

He is the author of five books published by AKPeters, CRC Press and Springer, besides several book chapters and papers published in peer-reviewed conference proceedings and journals.
A speaker at the leading game industry conferences around the world (GDC in San Francisco, Game Connection in Paris, CGDC in Shanghai, GMGC in Beijing etc.) as well as at more general events (TEDx in Milan, Wired in Manila etc.), Dr. Dillon is an IEEE member with cross-disciplinary research interests spanning different areas including serious games (health, training), virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, history of technology, affective computing, behavioral analytics and cyber security.

In his first book, "On the Way to Fun" (AKPeters, 2010), he proposed the 6-11 Framework, a game analysis methodology that is now referenced within the game design curricula of several universities around the world.
As a Principal Investigator/Researcher, he led teams in projects receiving funding for up to US$1 million while, as a software developer, he also worked on large scale, government commissioned projects.

His games were selected for showcase at international festivals like ‘Sense of Wonder Night’ in Tokyo and ‘FILE Games’ in Rio de Janeiro, besides reaching top positions on Apple's AppStore and Google Play across different countries and categories.

He is currently the Academic Head for the School of Science and Technology at James Cook University Singapore where, besides leading the development of new programs including the Bachelor of Cybersecurity, he also lectures game design, project management and cyber security subjects as an Associate Professor. While at JCU, in 2013, he also founded the first permanent Museum of Video and Computer Games in South East Asia.

Before joining JCU, he was the Chair of Game Software Design and Production Department at the DigiPen Institute of Technology (part of Singapore Institute of Technology) and held different appointments in prestigious institutions such as the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

A CV can be downloaded HERE while a selected portfolio can be found HERE .